Potential to leverage multi-network

Wi-Fi design in a variety of

creative ways

2+ Overlapping Networks
(e.g. Multi Tenant Office Building)

Floor 2

Common Area

Floor 3

Tenant 1 VLAN

Tenant 2 VLAN

Guests / Carrier Voice VLAN

Building Controls, Staff Operations VLAN

  • 2 Networks that span the building
  • Each Tenant with their own network that extends into building common areas

3 Staggered Overlapping Networks
(e.g. Manufacturing)

Visitor Center

Admin Offices

Factory floor

Guests / Carrier Voice

Enterprise Systems

Process / IoT

  • Voice/Data for guests and employee personal use
  • Enterprise systems and manufacturing process related communication physically separated

2 Ubiquitous Networks
(e.g. Hospital)

Wing A

Wing B

Wing C

Guests / Carrier Voice

Mobile Clinical Devices, Health Care Operations

  • Voice/Data for guests, patients and staff personal use
  • Clinical Mission on a dedicated Network

Hyper Segmentation
(e.g. Government)

Reception Center

Unclassified Work Area

Classified Work Area

Guests / Carrier Voice

Program #1

Program #2

Program #3

  • Voice and data for visitors and staff in unsecured areas
  • Dedicated networks by program, some in shared locations