Benefits of multi-network

Wi-Fi deployment accrue

to all stakeholders

Carrier Voice and Data

  • Cell phone or tablet traffic from:
    • Employees
    • Clients / customers / patients
    • Guests

General Enterprise Data

  • Company Issued Laptops, devices, used for:
    • Select business processes
    • G&A activities
    • Email

Mission Critical Enterprise Data

  • Mission critical or sensitive work such as:
    • Clinical monitoring in health
    • Process control in manufacturing
    • Security in banking
    • Confidentiality in government / defense

Benefits for Carrier 5G Offload

  • Enable 5G devices to continue communication seamlessly into the building’s Wi-Fi network
  • In building signal quality and dependability consistent with what customers are accustomed to outside the building
  • 1 Layer of VoWi-Fi radios are a fraction of the cost of a 5G DAS

Benefits to the Enterprise

  • Leverage VoIP / VoWi-Fi
  • Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 devices sooner
  • Mission critical activities are not disrupted by high volume carrier traffic
  • Gain flexibility from increased use of wireless in operations
  • Solve operational problems associated with legacy Wi-Fi design
  • Future proofed Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Improved quality of communications
  • Creates opportunity for Carrier financial participation in funding the infrastructure