Solving the Biggest
In-Building Wireless
Challenges of Our Day

The Vision for In-Building Wireless

Multiple Wi-Fi Networks

The Need

Why next gen in-building Wi-Fi infrastructure will evolve toward multi-network.

The Benefits

The benefits of a multi-network deployment to each stakeholder.

Example Applications

How different organizations may use multi-network Wi-Fi

Trusted Wireless is positioned as a vendor agnostic technical partner to both enterprises and system integrators

Wi-Fi Traffic


Understand current network performance challenges

Multi Network Wi-Fi

Design & Implementation

Turn multi-network Wi-Fi into an asset for your enterprise



Establish a vision for the future


Our mission is to help organizations build the next generation of in-building Wi-Fi network infrastructures that take advantage of all that 5G and Wi-Fi 6 have to offer.

Leveraging our patented multi-network Wi-Fi design methodology, we can help organizations solve some of the biggest in-building wireless challenges of our day.

Our robust Wi-Fi network designs are capital efficient, support current and future use cases, provide a frictionless user experience and create long term enterprise value.

Leadership Team

Bill Bundy


Bill Bundy (CEO) Formerly Vice President of Member Benefits and Operations for the Center for Medical Interoperability where he served as a member of the Center’s founding leadership team and co-led delivery of the Center’s Trusted Wireless Health program. Previously worked at the West Health Institute and has extensive experience in the low voltage electronics industry in business development, strategy and general management.

Mitchell Ross


Mitchell Ross (CTO) Formerly co-led delivery of the Trusted Wireless Health program at the Center for Medical Interoperability. Previous career spans 40 years of innovative computing and telecommunications roles including stints at NASA, Pratt & Whitney, Digital Equipment Corp, Cisco Systems, GM, Daimler, World Bank, AT&T, Disney and InnerWireless.

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